Property Rights Sadomasochists

A Masochist loves to inflict pain on himself while a Sadist loves to inflict pain on others.

We have a bunch of Libertarians who have decided to wrap themselves in their land deeds and threaten anyone who dares to tear it off of them.     Claiming they are protecting property rights, they don’t want anyone telling them what to do.   if they had lived in the 30’s and 40’s they would probably be screaming at the top of their lungs over the institution of zoning. (Which they seem to have no problem with today but it is a violation of their sacred property rights.)

What I have learned is that property rights extremists tend to consider their abutting neighbors as the ‘enemy’*.      

Now this is great if you live on a mountain side and the Hatfield’s are on the other side.

But it does not lend for a very good community spirit within a city like Newburyport.

The fact is, the entire local historic district expansion is designed to accomplish the very thing they think is being prevented: the protection of their property.     By fighting the LHD, they are only hurting themselves!

First, High Stable Property Values.     Properties tend to increase 1.5 times better than non-historic communities.     Initial establishment of an LHD usually causes a 21% to 26% jump.

Second, Wider influence in Property Values.     Just being near an historic district benefits other neighborhoods and may cause a ripple affect on the entire City.

Third, Better resale value.     Studies show LHD properties sell better and at a more competitive price than homes not near an historic district.

Fourth, Secure Investment.    Knowing what the abutters, streetscape and neighborhood will be means you are prevented from a disaffected neighbor who wants to put a McMansion next to your tiny Cape!

Fifth, Easier permitting.     If you know ahead of time the guidelines, you know what to expect and can save money due to preventing delays.   You also save money by not having to hire a consultant and a lawyer who’s job it is to discover what the City wants. (And they don’t always figure it out!)

Sixth, More Equity.     In other words, an easier time at the bank as you have an ever growing equity from stable, rising property values.

Seventh, More stable neighborhoods.      People move less in historic districts and the neighborhoods don’t suffer from a high turnover of population.

So you can see, these so-called property rights people are doing the opposite of caring for their properties!

I apologize for not attaching proof of all these benefits. If you need to know the details, just send me an e-mail to and I will send it along.
Please specify if you need it in a word document, pdf or embedded into the e-mail. It will be my pleasure to send along such facts and the listing of reference and statistical
sources!    If you need it in paper format, s
end your request to PO Box 61, Newburyport, MA  01950.

-P. Preservationist

* This is sadomasochism – causing your neighbors to suffer too!

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