Is this the impression they want?

If it is, I say go for it.      

(This bumper sticker was in the driveway of someone who wanted to demolish an
   historical home adjacent to their place so they could build a garage and expand
their house!     I have all the details on these people’s OPINION of ‘property rights’.)

This is what happens when blind ideology short circuits the mind.      They could have put in a generic picture of a house on this bumper sticker to highlight the importance of property rights.

You know – something like this:

House Symbol

But instead, they are telling everyone they are against historic houses!    

Most people don’t know what LHD stands for so they are going to assume you mean that you are against these beautiful historical homes in Newburyport.      

Of course, the true supporters of homeowner property rights are those who support the LHD.     I would hate to be an abutter to people so proud of desolating our historical homes that they would broadcast it on their cars!

I would hate to have these people get what they want and trash all the hard money people have spent renovating their homes go down the drain as another modern replacement is put in their place and the character of our historic neighborhoods are downgraded!

I would be embarrassed announcing to everyone I am against our historic New England Seaport homes!


-P. Preservationist

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