Reaching levels of ever higher hysteria

Surrounded by waves of support for the local historic district and now seeing demolitions and destruction of historic buildings; the anti-LHD crowd response has been to achieve new heights of hysteria.     Wrapping themselves in red, white and blue versions of their property deeds, and touting a shotgun for good measure – they’re out for bear.

Don’t be tempted to respond in kind.      I repeat, don’t be tempted to respond in kind.       

If that happens then we indeed will have armed camps and our beautiful city will be a hate-filled community.      Keep our tempers, don’t argue with the opposition and keep pumping out the reasons why a local historic district is beneficial to the city.        And keep a healthy perspective – we are a diverse, complex community with lots of different activities, events, issues and problems.      

As the opposition mounts to Civil War-level animosity – the best thing to do is keep positive.      By attacking them directly, we cause them to feel they are justified in their actions no matter how perverse that conclusion may be derived.

Let them indict themselves.    As they propagate extremism and misinformation, it gives us something to chew on, educate ourselves and motivates us better toward our goal.

-P. Preservationist

PS. In this highly-political year, extremists are attaching themselves to highly visible movements.    Yes, Libertarians and the obscure John Birch Society has seized upon using the Tea Party Movement to help along their own causes and the Communists and Socialists have recognized the Occupy Wall Street Movement as a powerful means to push their long-discredited agendas.      Men and women of our society must not be tempted to fall into the precipice of insanity.    And the best way to keep good mental health is to stick to the facts and be well-informed!

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