Death Watch Day Ten

No, I’m not fooled by false hope – the landowner still holds the demolition permit.       

I maybe a positive-minded individual but I’m not fooled as long as the situation still looks bleak.

This was the day the demolition crews were officially going to take the historic Tappan House down.      This was the day the cameras were to roll, the pictures taken and a terrible warning for the historic districts and homes of the Newbury’s.        

But so far, the pattern of what is happening is one of negotiations.       The Boston Globe was planning on doing a story on three properties.      But the developers of the other two closer to Boston worked out deals by which accommodation could be made.   The newspaper ended up focusing all its attention on Newbury because others understood the concerns of the community.

The word is out that Newbury & Newburyport are sucker towns.     No real protections and no support from their respective communities to change the situation.    Developers used to smirk and complain of wasting their time visiting the Historical Commissions – in fact, they used to smirk and complain when going to the Planning Board and the ZBA.     They’d pull a Yes-man attitude and then proceed to do what they wanted with a lax building department ‘looking the other way’.

Things have changed now and more changes will have to be made so we in the Newbury’s stop being cads.     

Being realistic, it is hoped (with evidence coming soon?) that the Tappan House situation will be worked out so that EVERYONE BENEFITS.       Compromise is very necessary in our democratic society.   

The trick is not to compromise on your principles while you are compromising!

I will rejoice when I see everyone coming out of this looking good.       It will be good for Newbury.     It will give the town time to start a serious effort to begin instituting protections.     And it will be a message to developers that we like to see them come to our area as long as they yank the piece of paper off our backs that says, ‘Suckers!”

1-27-2012-1 (1)

     February 2nd and still here!

-P. Preservationist

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