Death Watch Day Nine

The owner of Tappan House was angry – but now I am angry.    I arranged for a camera to tape the demolition.    I even picked out a delightful dirge melody as the film recorded the construction equipment biting into the historic architecture.      Now, if all goes well, he’ll stop being angry and have a big smile on his face and look like a hero!

I arranged for filming so the demolition of the house could be used as an object lesson as the struggle over historic preservation continues in Newburyport.    It could also be used for the message of preservation for all of the ‘Newbury’s’.

At least I am comforted in the knowledge that he still holds the demolition permit in his hands.

Oh the loss of drama!

1-27-2012-1 (2) 

            February 1st, 2012

But the camera is ready to roll just in case!

-P. Preservationist

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