Death Watch Day Six

The Boston Globe reporter, David Rattigan did a very nice article on the Tappan House situation.     He was originally going to concentrate on two other towns that were also struggling with threatened demolitions.     But as it turned out, those situations concerned developers who at first, didn’t realize how important the homes were to each community, have now adjusted their plans to save the historic homes and still build some new projects.      The Tappan House being so far north was only going to be a tiny footnote but unlike these other cases, looks much bleaker.

But after that distorted puff piece in the Daily News right out of the mouth of the owner of the Tappan House, I wasn’t surprised that the same person lied to the Globe Reporter.       We know from this post that the interior is in fine condition but here in the article, “He said that the house needs significant renovation.”        He knows that readers won’t be told that a well-respected builder and contractor owned the home previously.

The message seems to be the same,  “Why is everyone picking on me? I’m the good guy.”

Sorry, you’re not the victim, the house is!

29Jan12 I (4) 

                                    29th January, 2012

-P. Preservationist

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