Where is the bloomin’ group?

It’s winter and it’s technically cold outside – this is the best time to do planning for gardens and landscapes for all of Newburyport – public and private.

I am so envious of The Country Gardeners of Georgetown.      Maybe because they are out in the rural areas.     Maybe a group of them are just homespun Yankees with practicality running through their bloodstream;

they are doing things.

I mean they have been so affective that awards have been given them!     Just this last year they were given the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts Margaret K. Bell Newsletter Award and they were recognized for a huge project, ‘Clean-up and Green-up’ for Georgetown.    

This group is doing things.    Their purpose is to encourage the study and practice of horticulture, landscape design and floral design; aids in the beautification of the town of Georgetown and helps protect and conserve natural resources.       They are also dedicated to promoting civic beauty not just in Georgetown but in surrounding communities.    They even donated plants for the Little River Nature Trail sign.

Wow, these people are my kind of folks!

So what do we have in Newburyport to match that kind of oomph!?!       The Newburyport Horticultural Society.

Maybe it’s their fancy name…maybe its an intellectual club…they just open floral books and do book learnin’ but I don’t know anything about them.

If anyone has seen City Hall and our downtown, we need a group to coordinate and guide us.  

WHERE ARE THEY!?!      They have no website and yet I do see their name popping up ever so often in the Current and the Daily News.

NEWBURYPORT IS A GARDEN CITY.        If anyone needs education, encouragement and leadership – it’s the gardeners of our city. (And the clueless city-paid landscapers.)

If anyone knows what this group does or what their mission is…let me know!      We can send ____ ______ over for classes on why aesthetics is important.   Maybe even teach them that the natural world has value!


-P. Preservationist

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One Response to Where is the bloomin’ group?

  1. busymomof2 says:

    ppreservationist: So are you part of the Newburyport Hort. Society or a resident of Newburyport? I have a hort degree and am looking for a group that is interested in beautfication

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