We are under attack!

Waves of greedy developers who want to sweep away our historic homes and build a new plastic Newburyport.      They have absolutely no idea how to do an historic renovation and they don’t care.     With no one standing in their way, they proclaim with great cheer, “We have the legal right to demolish.”   

Apparently, the citizens of Newburyport decided as a collective body to turn their backs on their success by having no more protections for the Downtown as of July 21st, 2005.      Now there are citizens who are working vigorously trying to make sure there is nothing to bar developers and homeowners from destroying our historic assets.           

They cry with fervency, “How dare you stop us!”

If the City listens to them, we will have more of this.     There are already plans to devastate more of the city and some of them even touch High Street.

1-27-2012-4 (4)

These developers were told the house could be saved and turned into an historic renovation.    Their response was to disrespect the very thing that is Newburyport’s treasure and they left it exposed to the elements.   Then they waited out the demolition delay.      How ironic that the name Concordia is on top of this gleeful sign:

These outsiders are worst than carpetbaggers.      They are certainly are not good neighbors destroying the historic streetscape of Hancock Street.      I hope their business suffers the same fate as this Concordia!


-P. Preservationist

A big pit 1-27-2012-4 (5) compared to what was thereWest View

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One Response to We are under attack!

  1. bellegroveatportconway says:

    This is sad to hear. We came across this in our search for a historic home for our bed and breakfast. The owner of the home we found had pushed the idea off the table at first in favor of a subdivision. Good thing for us, the people in the community stood together and stopped it. So at this point we are again moving forward with the bed and breakfast. And also preserving the history of this important property. It is located in Virginia and is the property that James Madison was born on. I wish you luck with your campaign and hope that you will be able to stop it there.

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