Smelling like Rotten Onions

I’ve been thinking that perhaps I’ve been too harsh on the owners who want to demolish Tappan House.     As an olive branch, there were many options they could have taken – but now that empathy has ceased as I have seen first hand this morning the efforts to deceive the readers of the Daily News.    This smacks of evil intent and premeditated murder(of a house that is).

While I understand that people have the right to build, that isn’t the issue here, it’s the way that things have been done by the Patricans and the town of Newbury and while I am thinking, the Newburyport Daily News.

First step you take is deny everything.      Expanding the pool – we have no intention.     Of course, they fail to mention that the already large house is going to be enlarged which is why everything has to be pushed out.

Second step is to make yourself the valiant hero.    We tried to be good guys and reach out to save the house.      Of course, they fail to mention that they have never-did you get that-NEVER- met since buying the house, with Historic New England to negotiate saving the structure.       In fact, they just canceled a meeting this week in which Historic New England was going to meet with them!

Third step is to make yourself a victim.      We’re so poor!      Our money is tight and we have no other option but to pursue the demolition of an historic home.      We’re just struggling like the rest of you!     Then how come you spent all this money on demolition crews, lawyers and spent the money to explore ways to get around lot restrictions?      And about the matter of ‘EXPANDING YOUR ALREADY LARGE HOUSE’ all the while crying poverty! 

What really upsets me is the lack of professionalism at the Newburyport Daily News.      Michelle Pelletier Marshall who calls herself a correspondent (not a journalist), did not fact check the Patricans’ claims.     She duly reported their version without finding out the truth.      Historic New England and their staff are on a gag order since they are in preparation for any legal negotiations.    How convenient to take shots now when they know the large non-profit can’t at this time make any comments!?!

And look at the complicity of the Town of Newbury!      A demolition permit without the public knowing.      Then meeting with the Patricans without public hearings or notifications?     Not only that, they boldly admit their private meetings!

“Meanwhile, Patrican met with a group of town officials last week to discuss his plans. Selectmen Chairman Joe Story, town planner Martha Taylor, Planning Board member John O’Connell and Historical Commission Chairman Channing Howard were in attendance.     “This was not a public meeting, but yet a meeting to understand each other’s positions and defuse the anger a bit,” O’Connor said. “We are not sure where we go next, but this was a good start.”

Not only do we have a prime example of an historical home being demolished without excuse but we have an attempt to deceive concerned citizens who wish to know the true situation that is happening in Newbury.       

If they think the ‘dust will settle’ and they can go on with what they are doing, they don’t know their fellow Newbury neighbors (and their Waterside neighbors in Newburyport) aren’t going to let this go down easily.

They could have come out of this smelling like roses but that time has passed.

-P. Preservationist

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