Move the Damn Building!

Excuse my French.     I just want to make sure the present owner gets the message.       I know that Historic New England would much prefer the building stay in its original location but sometimes you have to compromise.        

There is plenty of room on the present lot for a move to accommodate pools, tennis courts, a sauna building, etc.

There is a large empty field due east that can take the entire house and barn!

Especially in Massachusetts, it is actually written into law that the Commonwealth will assist in anyway to make moving easier.(As long as they don’t pay for it!)    Heck, even Bossy Gillis moved the Dodge House from where the Mobil Station is at High & State to Dalton Street.     Yes, even Bossy (Horrors) had enough sense.

If you are unsure how, here are two posts which are loaded with links & references.     It even has some local New England companies that can provide the service.

Moving Historic Barns & Buildings, Part I

Moving Historic Barns & Buildings, Part II

Simple Message: Move the buildings, get everything you want and smell like roses…and still make money!     

-P. Preservationist

PS. Plus you’ll get free press as the Daily News and The Globe and Historic New England and Preservation Mass slather praises all over your move!

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