The trouble with a great volume of posts is comments get buried or forgotten.       Then you can miss some very informative back and forth conversation that can be very enlightening.       Especially when it is backed up with solid facts!      Quite a few posts ago, I stated in “What is that rumbling?”  the assertion that George Washington had slept in the Dalton House.      Now it turns out, thanks to Tom Salemi, that spectral figure you may have spotted in the Tracy Mansion part of the Library, is probably old George taking yet another nap!

Tom Salemi says:

“The President was escorted to the Tracy house, an imposing brick mansion on Fish (now State) Street, presently the Newburyport Public Library. Washington slept the night here, after an evening reception at Marshal Jonathan Jackson’s exquisite High Street residence.”

Militia companies pridefully fired a feu-de-joie. In the evening, reveling townspeople and visitors celebrated as fireworks burst and rockets soared skyward. All “man and beast” arriving in town to help commemorate the historic occasion were “provided for gratis.” The November 4 Essex Journal praised the public “for their orderly behaviour through day and evening.”

“On Saturday morning, Washington and invited guests, including Rev. John Tucker and young (John) Quincy Adams, breakfasted at Senator Dalton’s State Street home. Afterwards, as the President rode along High Street toward Amesbury ferry, he bid farewell to Newburyport which he described as “pleasantly situated on the Merrimack River.”

He got that right.

And definitely Tom has it right.

-P. Preservationist


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One Response to Correction!

  1. Tom Salemi says:

    I take comfort in knowing the public – ie library visitors – have the opportunity to share the same space as the Father of our Country.

    Thanks for the prominent post.

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