I have absolutely no problem with voting in favor of a combined special ballot.     And yes, it is true, I have no children.     I also know that if I had a choice between a bunch of silly new buildings and quality education for the children of Newburyport – I’d  vote for the quality education.      Remember, Old Abe learned in a single school house room that was over-crowded with lousy equipment (a pot bellied stove).    

I exaggerate but these facilities, as fine as they are, will still often as not produce children who can’t think but could probably recite a dozen reasons why their teacher should get yet another raise!

But I also realize that we will NEVER have another chance to get a bargain like this again at this PRICE!       We get a senior center, a renovated Nock and a brand new Bresnahan.        We get 50% paid by the State – I mean when will they EVER offer that again?       And at this price?     We know that inflation is just over the horizon in a big way and interest rates are still low now.       You would have to be a stingy miser not to realize that we will PAY MORE IN THE FUTURE if we delay.

Now in that light, there has been talk of abandoning the local historic district expansion and the community preservation act so that all resources can go to the new school buildings.


Our tax revenue comes from our heritage tourism.      Our property values are high because of heritage tourism.     Our historic standing and the long (but now discontinued) protection of our Downtown caused a pleasurable shockwave through our region that has made us at least in appearance an affluent community.       Why does Amesbury want to mimic us?      So they can change their name to Amesburyport?    No, they want their downtown and neighborhoods to be a draw for heritage tourism so their property values go up too!

All we will have after the new school buildings are done (Which I guarantee will look as ugly as the current ones (save the high school of course) are continued drains on our tax dollars ($300 more per year) on our hard-pressed homeowners.       But if the city abandons its bread and butter, there won’t even be anything to pour into the schools coffers because our abandonment will begin to depress our tax assessments.

This has got to be some ____ ______ pipe dream.       They have always hated CPA even as it has transformed our entire community and they hate any form of heritage tourism.


Like I said last week, such an attempt will split the city into armed camps and the new schools will be voted down.      And I assure you I will lead the charge!*

-P. Preservationist

PS.  Of course, Mary Haslinger has said the same thing but in a very nice, well-written, straight forward way in today’s Daily News.

* Not that I represent a voting block except maybe my cat who adores me but I would try!

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