Solutions that make everyone a winner!

At the same time as we see the tragedy of the Tappan Mansion being demolished, we find out that this disaster and blow against our local communities could have been prevented.

Brian and Tara Patrican could have avoided having their names highlighted on the Daily News and dragged through the mud from California to Florida.    I bet they are not thrilled that Ipswich Bay Glass is now in separately connected to historic demolition.

The black eye on Newbury’s town government won’t help the heritage tourism trade except for instilling a sense of urgency, “Hurry up and come to Newbury, before our Nation’s historic heritage is all gone!”

There could have been a positive resolution in which they could have had their ‘swimming pool’, Newbury could have saved one of its heritage tourism homes, Historic New England could have come out a real winner with the addition of a new historic home that could have been turned either into a house museum or could have a preservation easement put on it.        The Patrican’s could have come out as community heroes instead of 1%’er pigs (5.4 acres and can’t find room for a swimming pool?) and if they kept the building, still sold the house for a profit!

Right in the same issue of the Daily News on page 12 was a great example of a win for everyone from the developer to the entire community of Salem.     The owner makes money and also gets community cu do’s for preserving a piece of our Nation’s heritage, the City now includes a property that enhances heritage tourism and the developer gets to sell a pre-constructed historic home for a hefty price PLUS still gets to build some new units.

True, not everyone got what they wanted (The Salem Carriage House was lost.) but a nice compromise was made.

-P. Preservationist

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