Politically-motivated Science

I am not an advocate of Scientism – this is the idea that One, science knows it all and Two, that all scientists are in agreement.     But there has been a great effort by the left to project these phony concepts.   

In other words, pseudo-science has become a huge political weapon that is being used to influence the hearts and minds of the general public.

Here we have a Governor that wants to smother the state with 2,000 wind turbines; and lo, the state comes out with ‘scientific’ reports supporting his drive.    Notice the absence of a minority report by conflicting opinions of other scientists.     Even the left-leaning Scientific America which caters to real scientists knows better than that.       Notice the so-called independent panel only has met three times.    Notice that little information from Europe where wind turbines are proliferate has been included and a claim that “There is not enough information to support health-hazard conclusions.”     Real science involves theory/counter theory.    Do you see any evidence of that?

This is a big red herring.

We all know that the liberal left have used phony science since the days of Freud to proliferate liberal concepts – which eventually are proven wrong.     Phony science has been used from Al Gore’s declarations to wild claims by environmental groups concerning polar bears and glaciers.         In fact, phony, beautifully done historical and scientific documentaries are BIG BUSINESS.

Why do they do it?     Because it works.   The job is to fool people.      I have encountered hundreds who actually believe we are going to have the ocean swallow up Newburyport at any moment and that we are going to run out of coal, oil and gas IN JUST A FEW YEARS.

For the sake of real science, here is a counterpoint against today’s headline in the Daily News:

Windwise ~ Massachusetts calls for immediate epidemiological study

on health effects of wind turbines

Brimfield, MA — Windwise ~ Massachusetts calls for an immediate epidemiological study on the effects of living near wind turbines, charging that the DEP and DPH have failed the people of Massachusetts with the inadequate study that they released today.

Last year, as the departments of environmental protection and public health (DEP and DPH) prepared to convene their wind study panel, Windwise ~ Massachusetts submitted hundreds of studies, reports, personal accounts, video clips, and other materials compiled from around the world demonstrating the damaging effects of living near wind turbines. In some cases, those impacts were felt over a distance of up to six miles.

Despite all that evidence, the report released by the state today concludes that the available literature shows there is limited and insufficient epidemiological evidence to determine an association between wind turbines and certain health impacts. For that reason, a rigorous epidemiological study by a truly independent team of experts is essential.

Last year, the Falmouth Board of Health asked the state to take a lead role in conducting an investigation to determine if negative health effects are associated with wind turbines operating in Falmouth. So far, the state has not responded with a commitment to sponsor such a study. It is doing a noise study of one town-owned turbine in Falmouth, known as Wind I, but not a health study.

“We have a living experiment right here in Falmouth, and I’m part of it,” Mark Cool of Fire Tower Road in Falmouth said. “We’ve been begging DEP and DPH to come down and do an epidemiological study of wind-turbine neighbors, and gotten nowhere. They did not contact us for this report,” he said.

“We knew from the beginning that DEP’s report would be politically motivated with a predetermined outcome,” said Eleanor Tillinghast, a steering committee member of Windwise ~ Massachusetts. “This whitewash is no surprise,” she added.  [P. Preservationist’s highlight]

Virginia Irvine, another member of the Windwise ~ Massachusetts steering committee said, “The governor and his staff have been dedicated to removing all obstacles to the build out of hundreds of wind turbines across the state, and dismissing the concerns of the many people experiencing the ill effects of wind turbines has been a goal all along.”

“This panel was not independent, its work was not conducted in public or with any ongoing involvement by the public. Everything was done in secret, so who can take this report seriously?” asked Barry C. Cosgrove, also of Windwise~ Massachusetts.

Windwise ~ Massachusetts expects that people from around the state who are now experiencing the effects of wind turbines as neighbors will participate in the upcoming public meetings that DEP and DPH are planning to accompany the release of their report.

Windwise ~ Massachusetts is a statewide alliance of groups and individuals who support the responsible siting of renewable energy projects and are concerned about the negative health, environmental, and economic impacts of poorly sited wind turbines. The alliance members are all volunteers.

For more information, please visit our website, <www.windwisema.org>.

-P. Preservationist

PS. Do you know why FOX NEWS is so hated by the left?    FOX is committed to hear BOTH SIDES of an issue and allow the listener to decide.      If you are trying to push only your viewpoint, this can be infuriating.

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