So here’s the deal

Tomorrow night at City Hall, the second Committee of the Whole will be discussing re-zoning two parcels on Storey Avenue.     I have already given you the basic notes from the last meeting.

800_pound_gorilla at the Boards and CommissionsNow the problem has been from the start the missing of a troop of 800 lb. gorillas.     The Tropic Star Developer with his plans, The State on the whole mess concerning the Storey Avenue business district & the mysterious Tripartite Agreement that for some strange reason, no one had read at the time!

Fortunately, Tropic Star showed up last meeting.    Hopefully, MassDOT will take the time to weigh in tomorrow night on the re-zoning, traffic, changes needed and who pays for what.

This leaves the Tri-Partite Agreement which you can read for yourself.

In a nutshell, it encompasses a purchase and sale agreement that is hinged on the re-zoning.      If it happens, the City gets the open space out back because it is zoned as agricultural and falls within the purview of M.G.L. 61A. (If the land goes up for sale, the City gets 120 days to purchase it).     This agreement says they get the land for free.       Eleanor Woodman gets $2,500,000. (None of which comes from the taxpayer thank God), Tropic Star can begin the Site Plan Review process through the Planning Board. (The risk is all on them because there is no guarantee they will get what they want which is a CVS and other retail.)

Keep in mind, Socialists, and which fact is gratifying to Libertarians; once they end up owning the land, you can not unless you have a pretty good case, stop them from doing what they want.     If the City’s residents insist on being a______s, we can be taken to court, cost us a lot of money and probably lose.

The good thing is that according to the Tri-partite Agreement, they must guarantee access to the donated land, provide five parking spaces on their development for farmers & visitors to the open space/trail.     I can see CVS thrilled when large tractors and harvesters lumber thru on their way back there!     Plus, in all likelihood a kiosk and trail entrance will be behind the CVS and they must designate those parking spots for that specific use.

Capped wellOn a further bright side, open space is preserved (The map on page 23 shows the location also of the well-head that is in that area.), farmland is secured, flooding is mitigated downstream and the best part, Tropic Star actually pays for the resolution of traffic issues on Storey Avenue.         

All for the price of a CVS.

Now that you see the repercussions from whatever the city councilors decide; you can join me in disagreeing with the Planning Director who kept saying the re-zoning was no big deal.     

It’s a BIG DEAL!

-P. Preservationist

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