Political Anger is a Killer

It is true that the whole LHD thing has recently been moved into the realm of wackiness; but I am more concerned with the deep anger that anti-LHD’s are exhibiting.

I love it when political issues bring out the passion in people.     Yes, it’s messy but so much information is produced when there are strong discussions over issues.    

But there is a line not to cross.      

I have seen freshman theologians debating doctrine.    Now, they are supposed to be Christian.    They’re committed to Jesus’s commands concerning the powerful Divine Agape love.    And they feel passionate for the cause of Christ.       But I’ve seen such debates cross the line.      Now they hate each other with a passion and yes, believe it or not, have come to blows!

I’ve seen some deep anger in the eyes and hearts of the anti-LHD’s and it worries me.       I had a fellow blogger get worried about their acidity so went to a lawyer about legal issues over free speech.    The lawyer read all the recent editorials and online comments and blog posts and said very reassuringly, “There is no legal issues to be concerned with here.”   but he continued, “I’d be more worried they’ll burn your house down.”

Yes, it’s laughable, but now it’s getting scary.

People forget that deep anger is a political dead-end.      Mayor Meade was really admired in her first term but when she returned people could feel the anger – what was worse, her followers were angry.     It wasn’t long before the Meadies as they were called began to be called the Meanies.        That was how Mayor Al Lavender got elected.      They didn’t vote for him, they wanted her out!

Mayor Holaday had the same problem initially.     Yes, she’s got a fowl temper but overall a pretty nice person.     But when she first ran, she was perceived as angry and her followers were perceived as angry.     Yes, it’s not a very concrete thing but in politics perception is everything.      And it cost her the election.      Thankfully, at her next run, she did a good job keeping her supporters in line and positive!

I say the political anger is a killer because the American Civil War was all about anger.      Anger boils down into irrational hate.    The South was angry but after John Brown’s revolt, all reason left the South.   Northern human beings became walking demons in blue and in the end it caused a half-million people dead on both sides.       And there are still pockets of deep hatred in certain back areas of the Deep South.

Strangely, I am more worried about the pro-LHD crowd.   I am concerned over many on the left who have practiced such anger for years suffering from Bush-derangement Syndrome and if you read the Daily News opinion page there are still regular editorials espousing that all Republicans have horns and evil.      

With many historic preservationists amongst us who lean to the left, it will be all too easy to retaliate.      


We must not let a simple zoning issue become a spiraling vortex of anger and hate.

Historians say that if anger and hate had not been involved in the Civil War issue, slavery would have eventually been banned as Western Civilization was marching in that direction anyway.      Newburyport must protect and save its historic assets or it will die; it may happen anyway but we may also find some in the community left with avarice and spite.

Let’s keep civil and reasonable.

-P. Preservationist

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