Cut Off!

No TrespassingLack of political leadership can often have unintended consequences.       I think the most obvious is paying more later for something that could have been purchased at a bargain price.    Often it is perceived that somehow the issue can be ignored and that resolution can be done later, “When we can afford it”.*

This, of course, is bogus and simple rationalizing to justify doing the right thing.    Bureaucrats and  Political leaders often do this because they simply don’t want to deal with it.     It’s only when an emergency occurs or there is public outcry or someone has died or seriously been hurt; that everyone snaps out of their induced ‘daze’ and the fingers start pointing.

Political Leadership.        It isn’t easy.    It’s not business as usual.      And, it takes a lot of energy.*

Thanks to the Open Space Committee and the Mayor not taking political leadership, a piece of crucial property that the city could have afforded; is now in private hands.       The land was a linchpin for a wonderful network of nature trails stretching from Storey Avenue and extending down to Hale Street.      It covers lands that is a crucial watershed/water supply area that if covered over by impervious surfaces could release devastating floods upon our industrial park and Quail Run neighborhoods if not having a far-reaching affect on the Common Pasture, the Great Marsh and our fishing industry/environment.        The Planning Office was planning on promoting the Little River Trail System as an eco-tourism attraction.

But they didn’t purchase it.      Jere Myette, who owns large sections of the Common Pasture agricultural lands did.     He wants to use it for leverage against the city on some future ‘deal’ or if they are intransigent; to just sit on it.    He and not the City is in the driver’s seat – which is why he walked away after shelling out $125,000 whistling as he walked to his car.

He probably thought that his little ‘signs’ wouldn’t be noticed until spring.       Except it has been so warm out that people have been thoroughly enjoying taking their dogs on the trails and nature lovers have been thoroughly loving Norbyland (as I like to call it) that is until now.    There I was in the forest encountering some very upset and bewildered dog owners and hikers.

It won’t be long.      Mr. Myette figures the calls into the Mayor’s office will start to escalate and he can start ‘negotiating’.    Unfortunately, from what I have been seeing lately, I’m afraid political leadership is rather lacking.

In the meantime, the trails are cut off from further use.Norbyland blocked        

Norbyland blocked at LRNT







Cut off from the Little River Nature Trail and from the Crow Lane/Cooper North Trails

The city will have to purchase that land someday and it will be for far more than $125K.

But as Mr. Myette shrugged at the auction, “Or it will lay fallow.”


-P. Preservationist

* A few notes of warning concerning the two school projects –They will never be again at this price and it will also take political leadership to impress this fact on the populace.

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3 Responses to Cut Off!

  1. This came from someone too timid to place a post but a very valid point.
    I am putting here to continue the discussion:

    Hi. I [am]surprised by your post today.
    it is illegal for a municipality to pay much more for property than an
    appraisal would support.

  2. My reply is simple – it is true that using normal channels, the city would have been bound. But my main point is that political leadership in the form of the Mayor could have found a way to obtain this property. Extraordinary means yes, but that comes from understanding how important this linchpin of land was to the entire city.

  3. Response,

    I don’t know of a legal, ethical way, and other land-use experts don’t know of a way. The Mayor supported the Open Space Committee’s efforts. The property is still on their list!

    – Response from the timid Anonymous

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