Empire Strikes Back

I’ve heard rumors that the ____ ____ are on the move, conniving, scheming, and doing as much dirty work behind the scenes as possible when it comes to this new year’s challenges.

Unfortunately, if they do succeed in hatching their dark, secret plots; they will end up splitting the city into hostile camps.     

In the end, there will be no new schools, no senior center and no LHD and no hope that we will find ourselves easily able to extricate ourselves from the mess.

On my part and I hope from all the rest in the city who love democracy and openness, we’ll do our part to exercise free speech and to campaign for our causes.     We will have open meetings, open campaigns and freely use the airwaves and the sidewalks as our means to express ourselves and to hopefully and faithfully act to persuade the people of Newburyport toward what we feel is the right course.

I remember when the new charter commission was created.    People scowled and frankly said it was a lost cause.     No way were we going to give up our time honored charter from 1919!     Then the Charter Commission did the right thing and aired their meetings and posted the proceedings on the website.   Later, they campaigned for their cause and used every means to get the information out to the public.  

Pretty soon, faced with the facts and the need to update the charter, the people were convinced by a whopping 65% to adopt the new charter.

Let’s pray the opposition  puts the death star into mothballs and we adopt proper means of political persuasion!

-P. Preservationist

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