Spectacular People–not Spoilers

There has been some big deal made about the new Councilor, Richard Sullivan, Jr., being against the local historic district.        This has caused some in political circles and amongst historic preservationists to fret.

Do you really think that he wants to go down in history as being the principle reason our City will have lost its future?

Do you think he wants to devote his energy to be a denigrator of our historic district.    Known in history as the spoiler?

Nonsense.      His heart and soul is focused on the schools.      It was the great work that he did as a school committee member that swept him into office.          He is going to be devoting large amounts of effort in getting the new school bonds passed, trying to improve our curriculum and because he was once representing the schools’ interests – he can play a key role with the Mayor in making them spectacular.

The same thing goes with Audrey McCarthy – she barely lifted a pinky to get elected as a new school committee member – it was the great work she accomplished as a city councilor and her intense desire to see the schools  and the students achieve the very best in the way of education that got her elected.         She knows that buildings don’t teach children – curriculums, parents and teachers do.        With her experience, she will with confidence work with the City Council toward that goal of excellence.          She was elected as a shoe-in because of what she expected to accomplish and it’s pretty impressive!

These two individuals are going to have a transformational affect on our educational system.

Years and years ago, Newburyport High School had the reputation of ‘just average performance’ when it came to the rest of the Commonwealth.      It has taken a lot of hard work but the quality of our schools has been rising swiftly over the years.      

McCarthy & Sullivan have come on the scene just when we need them and they can be instrumental in making our school system one of the best in the state!

-P. Preservationist

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