Happy New Year!

The great thing about the first day of the year is the open ended potential.        We all know the big challenges ahead plus the additional wild ride we are about to experience when it comes to national politics.       

It’s really all about making the right choices.      We can make the right choice, or make the wrong choice.       If we recoil and hope the decision can be put off another day – that choice is still ‘sometime’ going to have to be made.

It is really an act of faith.     When you study history and find out about all these newcomers who came to rundown and penniless Newburyport and yet bought houses.      And in some kind of act of faith, started fixing them up.   And it was not easy!  Banks and investment companies refused to give loans – or if they did, the developer or homeowner had to jump hoops to get a dime.   Since historic preservation had never been done before in an urban renewal plan; there were no statistics.    And yet, even more people came and made the choice to buy homes here.     They knew (or suspected) that with the Downtown ‘protected’ and rejuvenated under the Federalist theme; that this city was the place where a person could buy cheap, and get a return investment.

They incredibly had a vision of a future Newburyport that we now enjoy today.

In return, we need to look to the future when we make our tough choices.

We need to stop doing what is convenient and stop doing what is easy and understand that the choices we make will translate into a real future for our City.

Do we want to undue the Great Experiment that turned a poor, mill town into one of the five hottest population centers in Massachusetts?     Or do we abandon it for raw commercialism?

Do we want to continue our open space planning that has made us the envy of the region?     Or do we walk away and encourage sprawl and over-building?

Do we want new & renovated schools (and a senior center!) or do we make do with what we’ve got hoping we can re-build cheaper down the road?

So how do we face the future and these tough choices?   By being informed and caring about seeking real solutions.

Don’t be like so many who cry out,

“Ignorance, and Apathy!
I don’t know, and I don’t care!”

-P. Preservationist

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