A New Year’s Resolution

I’m going to try to do this.      And it’s going to be tough but I think it’s manageable.

I’m going to stop name calling in my posts.     I will do my best not to put labels on our local citizens.

No more will you hear me decrying the offenses of the Dark Siders (or the lack of reality in the Light Siders).      The Children of the Now can go about their clueless activities in peace.       No longer will I elucidate on Karla Marx or speak of the poor plight of Bossy Gillis (the living one not the other)   The Loony Libertarians can rant in peace.   I will no longer call WPF, the Woman with the Plastic Fence.   I‘ll lay off the Sandbaggers, Hand-wavers and even try to lay off such harmless titles such as carpetbagger and townie.    I’ll leave these terms for others to learn by consulting my glossary.

I’m really going to try.

-P. Preservationist

PS. Hey, I’ve got to Midnight to get it out of my system!   Okay?

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One Response to A New Year’s Resolution

  1. Ari Herzog says:

    Maybe you could resolve to cease being P. Preservationist and use your real name? That could be a game changer. It’s not like we don’t know who you are…

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