The Spirit of Christmas

Christmas is truly Christmas because its very existence is based on the birth, death and resurrection of Christ.   He did this because he loved mankind and wanted to deliver them from the doom of sin.  

By doing what Charles Dickens declares in the Christmas Carol, “I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year” we advance this same loving message of self-sacrifice for love’s sake.

Sadly, it is clear what will happen in our little Newburyport as it has happened previously in other communities;  Superintendent Kerble will want the parents to come out and have a talk, and then he’ll use this opportunity to ban anything remotely connected to Christmas or any other religious holiday and that will be that.

And above all, ‘Don’t be angry!”

Apparently if someone starts something, we’re supposed to react in a calm and emotionless manner.   Next time, someone robs your house or passes drugs to your children or breaks the law by driving drunk and endangering others; we’re all supposed ‘to be calm’.

This incident is being manufactured and being used to remove anything Christmas and for that matter Christian.     If it was a simple intimidation of our economic status, they simply would have said, “Due to the tough economy, many students might feel intimidated to get a matching gift so we’ll not do it for that reason. (for now)’      With the way things have been, parents wouldn’t have even stirred from their busy lives.      No, they wanted to remove it because of the word ‘Santa’ – which is remotely connected to Christmas/Christian.

What is the driving force? To get religion to have no further influence over us – this will somehow make us a better society.

I for one, know that when the love of Christ is present in the world, it makes all the hardness of  the world so much more bearable, especially when life can throw such cruelties our way.

I for one, will take Mr. Dickens declaration to heart.   

May you also celebrate Christmas beyond just this one day.

-P. Preservationist


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