Kickin’ the can down the road

As I was driving home yesterday, I heard the political commentator speak of the uproar down in Washington.

Apparently, Congress doesn’t want to seriously deal with the financial crisis but wants to ‘kick the can down the road’ he said.

It is an interesting analogy.

And it seems to be a consistent theme in government.      That’s because with all the big government that surrounds us on the state and federal levels, real political leadership is truly a rare thing. (and hard to sustain.)

Newbury is a fine example of kicking the can down the road.      They’ve been told the Larkin Dam will fail and it is hampering fish spawning with its broken down fish ladder.       So, in typical fashion, they have decided to pay big bucks (It’s the law) to restore the fish ladder rather than do the right thing and get rid of the dam.        They’ll take care of the problem when it fails, not before.

What we need are political leaders who hunker down behind clear goals and pursue it with a single mind.      The nagging thought of being thrown out of office can only be dispelled with success.         

Abraham Lincoln was the gold standard for being single minded in his leadership and we have a great Union today because of him.      

It took Byron Matthews and Dick Sullivan seeking the goal of the downtown restoration to show what political leadership can do.    This in spite of threatened delays and opposition.

Mayor Holaday’s recent push for paid parking was a good example of bold leadership in spite of much criticism.    Even as revenue comes pouring in – you hear grumblings – there is nothing better to silence critics than success!    But now we have the cold winter months to give them an excuse to carp.

You hear of presidents who do a good job in their first term and whither away in their second?     Can the Mayor keep it up taking bold action in the second term especially as things begin to get really tough?

Or will she join Newbury and the average politician and kick the can down the road.

Let’s hope she can keep it up!

-P. Preservationist

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