Who speaks for the trees?

Violence against our trees

    While I was pondering this morning as to who this Ted Jones was in the editorial page and how he managed to be an usurper and get on the City Council; my eyes lit on Aaron Bardsley’s rather enlightening piece on the new law that allows for some consideration for the well-being of the trees.     

It has been a sad legacy concerning the utility poles and the first to suffer are the trees.     In fact, if it isn’t wind turbines or solar panels or a new stump dump facility for Newburyport; the trees always get it on the chin.       As environmental wacko’s croon on saving the planet from greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide – they completely forget that it’s the job of trees to soak up carbon dioxide and release oxygen.        With that in mind, you’d think they’d give them more respect!

Couple that with the utility companies insistence on elevating lines high above the street so they can continue not paying property taxes.     And having the gall to lobby successfully for laNewburyport Range Lightws making it difficult to get those lines undergrounded.       As we progress into the 21st century, the City of Newburyport needs to do the right thing and begin an aggressive program to underground them.     There has been a lot of hooey as to what Byron Matthews contributed to the restoration of the Downtown which is largely groundless (except for his fine whip cracking to get things moving.) but you can’t take away the fact that one of the key attractions is our absence of power lines.        That was Mayor Matthews doing entirely!

We need more whip cracking political leadership and city planning to push us into the 21st century plus add much needed tax revenue by putting the lines underground. (If not enhancing heritage tourism)

Just imagine if the lines were gone in front of the Newburyport Art Association and the Lighthouse Restaurant!

But at least in the meantime, the City’s Tree Committee aught to look seriously into this protection – it could mean National Grid for once being an ally instead of a fiend when it comes to our trees and it could mean much needed funds being given to their care.     I’m certainly going to look into this – and I’ll inform everyone (and the Tree Committee) what I find.

Our city’s tree warden, Andrew Lafferty, would love the assist!

-P. Preservationist

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