Using Stale Statistics

I just read this mornings editorial submission on the local historic district issue.       I cringed when the statistic was used that 2,200 local historic districts exist in the United States.     

I mean his points about property values were extremely correct and it was true about the excellent re-sale value and of course, very true that historic preservation (which includes protection) is our ticket for prosperity.

But 2200!?!

That means he was using an old stale crust of a factoid probably from the last century!

There are over 2300 local historic districts in the United States as of May, 2003* and many more have been added since then.

There are 221 communities (Out of 351!) that have adopted the local historic district ordinance alone in Massachusetts**.    And since that number was assembled in 2007, you know there are more!

Apparently, all those communities consist of Communists abhorring property rights!      NAUGHT.

Rather, these are smart communities who value having strong stable economies with stable property values to go with them.

I fear we just keep earning the title, Cannibal City – a town full of not Marxists but masochists!

-P. Preservationist

* Bringing Preservation Home, Working on the Past in Local Historic Districts, National Park Service. (2007)

**Preservation through Bylaws and Ordinances, updated May 2003, Mass Historic

PS: The term, Cannibal City was first applied by Tom Ryan to Newburyport back in the days of The Undertoad right around the mid-2000 decade.     A Doug Holder earlier in 2003 wrote it more defined as,

“CANNIBAL CITY” is headless, is heartless…

Cannibal City starts like a small cancerous growth and soon takes over the whole urban body of the City, suffocates it and devours it from within. It has no rules and no imagination other than the rule of Money, of the Arbitrary, of the Obnoxious.      Cannibal City devours its children, treats its denizens like second-hand citizens, defecates on the doorstep, urinates in public places, defaces the buildings, demolishes the monuments, destroys the Memory. Cannibal City’s Constitution is the Pre-Programmed Amnesia.    Cannibal City is the place where the strongest and the meanest rule with complete disregard for the Downtrodden, for Civilization, disregard for Culture, for History, for Memory, disregard for the Sacred, for the Spiritual, for Humanity. The de facto rulers of the great Game change the rules as they go along in order to stay in power for ever for so long as it suits them.    

Do you live in Cannibal City, or in a part of your city which gradually is cannibalized, it is getting rid of its trees and public spaces to replace them by brutalist concrete or steel and glass soul-less structures?
Maybe your city is not yet completely cannibalized.

Not yet!”


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