So Proud!

I expected a bloodbath last night – an unruly mob of uninformed citizens ruled by emotion and generally ‘angry’ at board members and city councilors .

Instead, I saw concerned citizens, well-informed, rational and reasonable with open minds.     Even when they disagreed, they were civil about it. 

AND THEIR QUESTIONS – So well-put which helped the rest of us be enlightened.      Even the Planning Board was getting upset – those probing inquiries revealed things THEY didn’t even know.

It’s what any freedom-lover-of-liberty idealist would hope would be conducted when democracy is practiced.

Everyone who participated last night: abutters, activists, councilors, developers, neighbors and planners should all give themselves a big pat on the back for the exemplary behavior!

I predict now that what happened last night will have beneficial and lasting repercussions for years to come!

-P. Preservationist

PS. Which makes me fearful for the Local Historic District Study Committee.      They have been assailed at times by ill-informed, unreasonable, closed-minded citizens filled with fear, generally ‘angry’ and definitely at times, not civil.      I can’t make it tonight due to prior commitments but I would love to be there – so I at least could confiscate the pitchforks!

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