What we need is political leadership

And what I fear we’ll get tonight is political appeasement.      Having a bunch of emotionally upset citizens huddled around politicians is often a tense scenario.       Can you blame the average politician feeling like Frankenstein’s monster before a mob of pitch-fork carrying peasants!    

To keep them from stabbing you, you say and do what is necessary to stay alive!

What we need are cool heads tonight who are seeking for REAL solutions.

The traffic situation on Storey Avenue is going to get worse as 23 residential units are completed and filled off of Russell Terrace Extension.      Eventually more businesses will be setup between the Wendy’s and McDonalds.      The business retail strip just south of Giuseppe’s Restaurant has been bought, the resident in the red building has moved out and stakes are already in the ground for a previously-permitted development.   


The state highway authority sits far away at 10 Park Plaza, Boston; the person who is in charge of District 4 is sitting comfortable in a suite far away from us.       And yet, they are the ones that have the authority to fix the traffic mess that we will be increasingly suffering.       There is so much that is deficient from Route 95 to Eastern Bank and yet, the City needs to get the state involved before a real solution is made.


I have already indicated that the abutters, the City, the land owner, the Woodman Way residences and the general businesses will benefit not just because the re-zoning will give us all the benefits of 22-acres of open space but it will force the State to take action before things get worse.


-P. Preservationist

Massachusetts Highway Department
10 Park Plaza
Suite 3170
Boston, Massachusetts 02116
TEL: (617) 973-7800
FAX: (617) 973-8040



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2 Responses to What we need is political leadership

  1. Port Sanity says:

    That is not the way to sell people on the idea that re-zoning is a good idea. PLEASE, I’m begging you to stop being such a downer … it doesn’t have the effect you think it has! Others may not tell you, but they do tell me, and others.

    First, you assume that the traffic on Storey Ave is a nightmare … it’s really not as bad as some would have us believe. The Oleo Woods housing project’s impact on traffic won’t be as bad as you think … remember, not all of its residents will be entering onto and exiting from Storey Ave will be doing so at the same time.

    All that being said, you’re right in that we need to get the state highway folks involved. But don’t get everyone worked up into a frenzy (and yes, even though they’re already riled up, you’re making it worse) and talk about how the state really doesn’t care. Talk about the additional tax revenue that commercial property brings into the City, without the demand on services that residential property has. Talk about how smart development of Storey Ave helps keep our downtown free of the commercial feel of Storey Ave. Talk about the benefits, not how bad it’s going to get, especially when, if done properly, the rezoning could make traffic on Storey Ave better. Yes, I really believe that it can, and should, get better. The sky isn’t falling.

  2. Good points – but as for the pitchforks, I was so impressd at the general behavior of the citizens who showed up – informed, rational and reasonable! Also, real cudo’s to Councilor Connell for his exemplary skills of leading the committees and attending Newburyporters.

    As for causing depression in others – how can that be when I have such an optimistic view of Newburyport’s future?

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