What a challenge!

After watching on the blogs, “Newburyport: A Measure of Change”, you may wonder at such a fine video what has Mr. Lawrence Rosenblum been doing lately.     

He is taking on a challenge that frankly I am amazed he would even try at his age.     All I can say is “Good Luck!”

He is trying, with others, to transform Plymouth, Massachusetts into what it should have been long ago – an historic heritage tourism town.

Frankly, it’s presently a disaster.     

I have pictures but you have to understand they don’t relay what the human eye can see.       Yes, we think of the Plymouth Plantation and the Mayflower II replica and Plymouth Rock.        That’s all fine but what I am referring to is the downtown & residences.      

They did what the original urban renewal planners wanted to do in Newburyport.       They had their business district torn down.   They refused to do any form of design review.  They even were successful in putting in a 1970’s Scandinavian-style hotel on the waterfront. (Big in that time)    Scale is a mess, street plan is a mess and residentially, there has been little regard for historical structures.


It is so bad that over the years, it has really impacted the economic well-being of the Greater Plymouth Area.      No one says, “Plymouth?  I just LOVE Plymouth!    I would love to live there!” and it shows.      They have lots of activities there and many restaurants – and a profusion of tawdry tourist traps.       Nothing has really worked to raise the general affluence and quality of life in the town.      Even Steve Karp has built a separate inclusive community nearby (Rather successful too) rather than even try to work with Plymouth.

What we need to do is load up all these self-centered Newburyport homeowners and confirmed Libertarians into a bus and have them go down for just a day.     

Not a bad idea – after their eyes have been smote and their minds absorb the chaos; we’ll have a whole new flock of converts!

-P. Preservationist

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