Let’s defeat revisionist history!

According to the Daily News’ Port in Progress, it was government leaders that saved Newburyport.

According to Big Government advocates, it was the Feds that saved Newburyport.

According to the dark siders, it was Byron Matthews who saved Newburyport.

According to the Children of the Now, we’ve always been saved!

I like the fact that the Newburyport Blog and the Newburyport Post are airing this documentary.     I understand PortMedia which has received permission from Mr. Rosenblum, will be airing this video soon.


Especially since a bunch of clueless Libertarians in the Monday opinion page think that it is hardly necessary to protect Newburyport’s historic preservation assets.

Especially since waiting around for the government to ‘save’ us is usually a frustrating and deeply disappointing effort.     If Big Government had its way, the bulldozers would have finished the job and we would be looking like the east side (The dead side) of Haverhill’s Downtown.

Especially since Oil-Refinery-in-the-Common-Pasture Byron and advocate for contemporary architecture (as seen in the video) has been re-made into an historic preservation saint.

Especially when the push is to turn away from any protections for our historic district as not being necessary for our economic prosperity.

It’s always been said that a picture is worth a thousand words – how much more in a video!

-P. Preservationist

PS. It’s also very entertaining to see all these people in 1970’s hair – it’s a gas!

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