Let’s demonstrate our resolve!

Mary Eaton* of Newburyport Blog fame has initiated a simple program to help in the successful expansion of the local historic district.      She has put up a Save Newburyport website to do two things:

One, get bumper stickers out that demonstrate our resolve to save our city.


Two, to give a few steps on how to contact your city councilors.

Some who are ill-informed wonder why the LHD is not something that is put on a general ballot and voted on like for example, the New Charter.       It just so happens that Massachusetts General Law 40C is very clear that it is put into affect by a 2/3rds vote of the City Council.       That’s how a zoning measure is put into the city and that includes a local historic district that is in effect, including design review into the zoning process.

So, while you grouse about it, just remember; it’s the city councilors who will determine how the local historic district is composed, it’s guidelines and it’s borders.      But even politicians need to know that a groundswell of people are in support.    We need concerned citizens of Newburyport to put these on their places of business and at their homes and on their cars.     We need members of the Historical Society of Old Newbury to put these on their cars.      We need the members of the Custom House Maritime Society to put these on their cars.      We need the members of the Chamber of Commerce to put these on their cars.    We need the Citizens of Environmental Balance (CEB) to put these on their cars; and of course, we need the members of the Newburyport Preservation Trust to definitely do the same.

Mary even noted that if you don’t want to get any adhesive on your car – you can cut off the excess wax paper and tape the Logo to the glass.

She took the time to design these and the initial effort to have them made.

If you need one, send an e-mail request to p.preservationist@live.com and include your mailing address.  I will send two(2) back to you.      What are the conditions?    You need to live in Newburyport or in a community that abuts Newburyport.    I will not send to a box number.      And I want a (real) name attached to the address.(I’ll be checking.)     If you need more, go to Newburyport Blog and request it.

If you want to contribute toward the bumper stickers, send a check (no cash) to Newburyport Preservation Trust, PO Box 184, Newburyport, MA 01950  and make sure your intentions are noted on the check.       They are not connected in any way with Mary Eaton but being a 501(c)(3) they will have to report all funds plus they will be glad that more stickers will be out there to aid in the cause. (Plus, you become a good financial steward: a donation to take off your taxes!)

-P. Preservationist

PS. One important note: there is no ‘defense’ or reason why you should support a local historic district on the Save Newburyport site; that’s up to bloggers like P. Preservationist or CEB and Preservation Trust websites.     I’ve got a whole section on the benefits on www.ppreservationist.com.

* She’s not just a blogger – you’d be looking at Seabrook Route One instead of our gorgeous High Street if it wasn’t for her!


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  1. Thanks for the shout-out!! Mary

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