Mumbo Jumbo–Get to the Bottom Line

Unless you’re the type of person who carries around your own personal magnifying lens; the rest of us can’t read too well the legal notices as posted in the paper.     After getting past the classifieds on people looking for roommates or someone selling a snow blower. (Hmm, a Toro!), most of us don’t have the patience to wade through the bureaucratic mumbo jumbo inside the notice.

So let’s bottom line the recent notification about the Whittier Bridge so you won’t get a headache trying to wade through the legalese.

Basically what it says is after getting all the input from the leadership of the local communities, and getting concerned citizens’ inputs; the final proposal for the new Whittier Bridge is now available.

The notice is to give everyone a chance to review it.    Then, this final document will be presented and discussed on December 7th at the Performance Center of the Amesbury Middle School located at 220 Main Street. (School behind the Dough Boy Statue)    Meeting time will be from 7:00 to 9:00.

Why is this meeting important?

The final design of the bridge will be presented.

The details as to how the bike lane will be integrated will be revealed. (The one that runs from Amesbury across the bridge and spills out at the Park & Ride.)

All those who support the proliferation of bike and pedestrian lanes in the Greater Newburyport Area need to be there especially members of the Coastal Trails Coalition.

-P. Preservationist

The Whittier Bridge Project Website

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