I told you so! Nothing to worry about.

Those who want an open waterfront with a park and some parking have been watching with growing concern.       Well, just sit back and relax.    

We have a very long way before we even have to take notice.         Mayor Moak’s ‘pretty parking lots’ are going to be there a while.        All this flurry of activity between the NRA and MassDev has more to justify the existence of the NRA than anything else.      Yet another consultant firm will be hired; yet another plan will be proposed and at the slightest hint of solid commitment – equally shelved.      

It has nothing to do with ‘attitudes’ or ‘conflicting parties’ – it has everything to do with the loss of parking that will keep things the way they are.

According to the legal notice of 1 December, 2011; the contaminated soil from 2 TO 14 FEET must be removed before anything more permanent than a hurried shopper leaving a car will be allowed.     That means no buildings, that means no park – that means not even a farmer’s market or a commercial flea market, etc.        We’ve all seen the huge work done by National Grid at 260 Water Street; a deep hole, a massive tent and all the safeguards that utility money can buy.

Now picture that over the ‘parking lot’.

Mass Development specializes in financing and planning the development of Brownfields.      A Brownfield is a hazardous materials building or land.      In this case, getting MassDev involved is GREAT for park enthusiasts.    It’s even great for building enthusiasts but it’s not great for parking enthusiasts – including a City that now lives off the parking fees.

Therefore, I will sit back, sip my Diet Pepsi, turn on yet another rerun and relax a bit.       Nothings going to happen, nothing will happen until that land is cleared up.

I’ll sit up straight and start taking notice when the first bulldozer starts moving at Titcomb Street for the new garage but NOT until then.

-P. Preservationist

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One Response to I told you so! Nothing to worry about.

  1. Joe cheever says:

    Where can we read the legal notice?

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