When everybody is a winner!

As an avid bicyclist, pedestrian and driver; I know what the residents on Russell Terrace and on Woodman Way are experiencing.   

You can’t hardly cross the highway on foot at the park and ride – unless you want to be road pizza.

You take your life in your hands crossing from the Shell Station to 7-11 – even though there is a crosswalk.     Okay, the driver who hit you is at fault…but your dead!

It’s demolition derby in the morning as maniacal coffee drinkers hurl toward the Dunkin Donuts.

Then of course is all the rush as people use this point to get into the rest of the City.

I laughed at some of the people – “Don’t vote for the re-zoning – the traffic is terrible.”

So the City Councilors listen to you and they vote against the re-zoning.

The State will still not do its job in traffic mitigation.

The bicyclists and pedestrians will still get run over and the maniacal drivers will still hurl toward the Dunkin Donuts.

Uh, so what was the point of them going ‘your’ way?

The Developer’s representative promised that traffic mitigation would be the number one priority.    They will work aggressively with the City and the State to try to resolve this mess we call Storey Avenue or as Tattoo used to say, “The Plains, the Plains.” (A little Fantasy Island parody)

There is so much that every party will gain – re-zoning means more businesses that pay taxes, real traffic resolutions and a huge area of protected open space with a half-dozen benefits*. (One of which the open space committee doesn’t use ANY open space funds – cool!)

Be sure to show up at City Hall for a public hearing on Tuesday, 6:30 PM – if this goes well, the next city council meeting can seal this winning arrangement.

-P. Preservationist

* Today, as the gun-toting phase of the hunting season continues, I was alarmed to see a spot where a deer had been shot and ‘dressed’ – all I did was look up and I was staring at the backside of the K-mart.    Then as I turned back toward the Crow Lane Nature Trail, I stumbled on a hunter with his cannon (30 odd 6) and bright orange vest. (Deer are color blind) coming out of the Cooper North Pasture Area.      Apparently he didn’t get the memo that hunting is not allowed there. (There are bright yellow signs at all entrances!)    I didn’t say anything to him – he had the gun!

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