This coming week!

Monday night could be a deciding factor in a big way.         There might be a new vote on the re-zoning at Storey Avenue.       There is also a possibility that a vote could be taken on purchasing all the lighting – you never know as it sits precariously in subcommittee ready to be thrown out for discussion and an initial vote.

Thursday, a crucial piece of property is being ‘auctioned’ off.     One that literally if acquired by the City could link all the trails, guaranteeing no impervious surfaces ever exist in such an area.

Friday is, believe it or not, our First Invitation Night.     I understand that great plans are underway at the Custom House that would provide a real theatre experience and history lesson while munching on some delicious food.       The entire city will be bedecked and chocked full of shopping opportunities along with a cornucopia of food! (I love that four-letter word, FOOD.)

Here we have high-drama that could literally re-shape our City, and if it works out well, could be rewarded by a time of not just merriment but celebration.

If not, and the city yet turns away from promises of a bright future; we can at least solace ourselves with the free FOOD!

-P. Preservationist


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