A Hunting we will go!

Okay, perhaps not.

Oleo Woods Conservation Restriction

One of the side benefits from the Oleo Woods easement is seeing these signs that have been put up.     I don’t know if they posted them prior to signing the conservation restriction with Essex County Greenbelt or after, but little matter.       It is clear they have put the kibosh on any further hunting.

I have been a hunter since my college days and have gone hunting for many different game from rabbits, squirrels and deer; to water fowl.  (And yes, I ate what I caught!)    I remember in college hunting with a .22 rifle once, in a forest by a small lake.      I was busy in my pursuits until I fired a shot, which ricocheted off a tree, skipped just like a stone off the lake and hit the side of a house on the far side.      I was absolutely mortified.      

I relay this little story because we have a situation in which there is hunting going on between Route 95 and Low Street.        This triangle shaped area is bordered by businesses, residents and senior housing (Atria Merrimack).     It’s not like Newburyport is deep inside the urban maze of Greater Boston – we are surrounded by rural communities with many opportunities for hunting.     The large area of Martin Burns Conservation land is specifically protected for hunters and is administered by the state’s Fish & Wildlife Division.        

We have no hunting permitted at the Cooper North Conservation Area that abuts the Quail Run Neighborhood which is good.       We now have no hunting permitted at Oleo Woods.        That means this activity is now wedged between Mount Lavender and Low Street – right in the face of a densely populated area of businesses.

There are so many advantages toward granting the re-zone of a few houses on Storey Avenue.     And one of them is taking 22 acres off the hunter’s list of allowable properties.

Speaking from the viewpoint of a former hunter, THAT is a good thing!

-P. Preservationist

PS.   The owners of the Woodman property are anticipating the City’s purchase.      They have removed two hunter’s tree stands in this area.      They will not be missed!

Hunter's tree stands

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