Empowered by Parasite

A parasite is a creature that has to live off a host.       I am VERY familiar with them as I try to hike the trails in the Common Pasture.      There’s ticks and leeches and round worm.     Did I mention ticks? And of course, mosquitos need blood to reproduce too with all the terrible diseases that can potentially be transmitted.

As uncomplimentary as it will come across, we have a great number of people who very much want to live off the taxpayer and to the taxpayers detriment.

Now, there are others who have what is called a symbiotic relationship.        They live off the taxpayer too but there is great benefit for both parties.      We know them as fireman, police, city hall employees, teachers, etc.     They get a paycheck with benefits just like the private sector and their service benefits the taxpayer through educating children, protection, safety, etc.

So there is a fine line between a symbiotic relationship and a parasitic relationship.       And it has to do with the taxpayer not getting stiffed.    

Now stay with me on this.

Lately, it seems that projects are being conducted in the City so parasites get to spend the money now, even if the project is not done correctly or is insufficiently funded.       

All of a sudden, we have to spend NOW for sidewalks without proper vetting and without any perceivable plan.     Done so a subcontractor can live off the taxpayer.       All of a sudden, the Inn Street improvements have to be done NOW without proper vetting and not done correctly because of insufficient funding.       Believe it or not, a contract has already been signed without the interested parties signing off on it.    

So why is this?         So yet another contractor can ‘live’ off the taxpayer?

Are we dealing with Symbiosis or are we dealing with parasites?      And why is the Mayor pushing for these arrangements? 

-P. Preservationist

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One Response to Empowered by Parasite

  1. Jack Santos says:

    Hey! I have a name for these projects! Let’s call them “Shovel Ready”…..hmmm…where have I heard that before?

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