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The Clock is Ticking

The fact is that the local historic district ordinance is coming into being just in time. The NRA is not a permanent organization, nor was it ever intended to be a permanent organization.        But while it was in existence, very … Continue reading

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Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

I was just down at one of the marinas getting one of the boats setup and out of the water.       Talked to a boat owner down there, who was bemoaning the fact his parents will have to settle for less … Continue reading

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Sorry for the tardiness

Tonight the City Council as a whole are going to be presented a song and dance number by a consultant.      That’s scary enough but just realize, the devil is in the details and little things like undergrounding, maintenance and future … Continue reading

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The Clueless

“Not to know is bad, not to wish to know is worse.”                                                             -Nigerian Proverb I don’t know what has come over Newburyport.       Politics is actually a very exciting thing especially when sharp intellectual minds do battle over issues … Continue reading

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P. Preservationist’s Endorsement

As I have indicated before, the adoption of the local historic district ordinance is necessary to secure the future for Newburyport.       It is the single, most important issue to face our City since the days of the urban renewal demolitions. … Continue reading

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She’s back and in the nick of time!

The Grand Dame of Blogs, The Newburyport Blog, has re-opened for business. It’s been lonely out here in blogger land when it comes to consistent posts about local issues.     We’ve had to depend on an occasional post by a local … Continue reading

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I’m Agin’ it

I am definitely trying to gauge the mood of the citizens in Newburyport and I am sensing a feeling of being ‘Agin it’ out there.        Having a neighbor screaming that a clipper ship, the very symbol of our City, is … Continue reading

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