The Woman in White at the Clark Currier Inn

Clark Currier InnDaniel R. Nolan had just purchased the house at 45 Green Street in 1990 when he learned he had some extra ‘responsibilities’.      A previous ‘tenant’ was living in a section of the house.    This being a ‘Hale’ which is a very prominent family in Newburyport, he was advised by several in town not to even think about evicting this long-term tenant, H. Patterson Hale, Jr., who at the time had already lived in the rented apartments on the second floor for fifty years.    Mr. Nolan accommodated this request.

clip_image002As it turned out, ‘Pat’ Hale was a very smart investor and though living in the apartments, was quite endowed.    He had married his wife Laura, when he had found after just a year, she suffered from manic depression.      Her medical condition and temperament was such that if she was ‘off the beam’ as Mr. Hale put it, she would be treated at Sea View Retreat in Rowley.     When she was ‘on the beam’, she would live with him.     This on-and-off arrangement occurred for decades mainly because he deeply loved his wife and remained devoted to her all his life.    This was until Pat started to lose his hearing.      Often, Mr. Nolan would hear the fire alarm going off, run outside and rush into the apartment – only to find Patrick was totally unaware his supper was burning on the stove.       This occurred all too often as he grew older and finally he joined his wife at Sea View.     She died in 1994 and is buried in the Sawyer Hill Cemetery (Ancestral burying ground of the Marquands)        Sawyer’s Hill Burying Ground was established in 1630 (when the town was still part of Newbury) and is located off of Curzon’s Mill Road near Maudslay State Park in Newburyport. When he passed away in 1996 (He is also buried at Sawyer Hill), he bequeathed large sums of money to the historical society and to other charitable causes in town.     A wonderful local charitable trust is now being maintained in his name.

After Mr. Nolan was able to gain control over the entire house, he turned it into an inn.   In just in a few weeks, he began to hear from guests that someone had ‘touched’ them or they felt someone in the room.      One of his friends let him know indeed that someone was present in the house as they indeed had been ‘brushed’ by the unseen guest.      

As to the origin of the ghost – this was not clear until a guest who was staying in the Marquand Room, had been startled and looked over at a woman sitting at the foot of the bed.        The woman said quite disturbed, “I don’t like them”.    The guest asked what she meant and she indicated that she did not like the fish-net canopy on the bed.   Later, as the guest relayed this information she said the woman said her name was Laura.       Apparently after so many years of living at 45 Green Street, she considered it her true ‘home’.

Mr. Nolan had put no canopy over the bed for the longest time and had finally decided to put a fish-net style in place.       Apparently Laura didn’t like it!        Even though he has kept it there, they have had no further complaints!

P. Preservationist
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