Newburyport is a very haunted place.

When I first came to Newburyport as a visitor, I could ‘feel’ the historic atmosphere.     Every street and most every view smote my senses that we are truly one of the most beautiful and historic places in America.     Then I moved here, got busy making a living, endured the harsh winters, the economic challenges of living here and of course, the perpetual care of my historic house; and that ‘presence’ faded away.

But it’s not gone.     We’ve jut got used to it.

Which is why I love to look at the visitors’ faces who come here who can still sense it.

With Halloween upon us, I thought I would remind the busy, often secular-minded of our little City that we are considered one of the most ‘haunted places’ in New England.      We rush by in our cars everyday the Old Hill Burying Ground as we hurry to Low Street to catch Graf to the Highway or as we head to the train for Boston.       We jog or walk our dogs past, almost in disregard, huge mansions wreaking with history.     

I have told you in past All Hallows Eve, about the famous Ghostly schoolhouse on Charles Street and mentioned many other hauntings from March’s Hill to Maudslay State Park.   In fact, I have a growing list of the haunted houses and places in Newburyport and it keeps growing every year as I do more research.    So I was reminded again yesterday at the Newburyport Preservation Trust’s annual meeting*.       I look forward to this gathering every year as they love to meet in some historic place – one year was the Old Jail, another was the Dalton House with the bowling alley under State Street, then the oldest Yacht club in America and now the very historic Clark Currier Inn.       Every time after the meeting, tours are provided and this year was no exception.

I joined a group as they walked about the house and then all of a sudden, the Inn owner shared about the resident ghost.      Well, you know how people are – they may embellish but when I got back home and checked on my computer, I was shocked to find information that what I was told had a very solid basis in fact!     Keep in mind, I am relaying from memory what he said and if someone needs to correct me on the details, please add a comment for everyone’s benefit.        

I have put it on a separate post below:

-P. Preservationist

* Just as a side note – the meeting was great and the mood was one of pent-up excitement about the future.      I hope all that fervor and enthusiasm translates into our precious Newburyport being effectively enriched and preserved this coming year.

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