The Myth of Native-born Mayors

I’ve been preparing biographies on the wonderful long line of Newburyport’s mayors.      The only thing stopping me from posting these is a lack of a picture for each office holder.      I figure the only way to get my hands on them is to sneak into City Hall, take down those frames that Ghlee Woodworth has worked so hard to put up and photograph them quickly with my spy camera.

With my luck I’d get arrested in the attempt.     I guess I’ve no other choice than dig around in the archives in the meantime.

But one thing I have uncovered: it is not TRUE this strange myth that only native-born individuals have ever been in the corner office.

I remember Ed Molin, DEFINITELY NOT native-born, encountering this obstacle as he attempted to take the perceived ‘holy’ office.       Thanks to his efforts, the glass-ceiling was shattered and now we’ve had since his term quite a score of out-of-towners reigning over the City.Caleb Cushing II

But where on earth did this myth originate?     Caleb Cushing was our first mayor and he was born in Salisbury.      Since then, I’ve noticed in the archives a half-dozen who were not native-born.

I’ve even heard some who have approached city councilors saying they will never vote for them because they weren’t born here.

I’ve heard of residency requirements but this one is a little tough – “Hey, you’re a great candidate, highly qualified and a nice, well-rounded individual but sorry, I can’t vote for you.”

I thought we rid ourselves of the condition of native blood lines by leaving Europe behind and our ancestors settling here!?!

Let’s bury this make-believe condition for Mayor – I wouldn’t even grace Highland Cemetery (Where that Salisbury resident was placed.) with a grave for this myth.

How about the Landfill?

-P. Preservationist

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