A Special Experience

Well the political scene is really heating up – in fact the local bloggers are really blogging.     This is remarkable in itself.       So before things get out-of-hand, I want to mention the second biggest event that occurs in Newburyport.          The biggest event is Yankee Homecoming.     And no, the second biggest event is not Christmas.

No one spends big bucks promoting it and yet huge bucks are spent.

The Daily News radar year-after-year hardly ever detects it.

And yet, a recent newcomer from Lowell was just telling me all in a flush that he was finally close enough to experience something that’s he’s known for years.haunted_house_photo_by_Robert_Francis[1]


It’s epicenter is not Downtown.    It is Marlboro Street.       One year, and it is still talked about to this day, a full-size Star Wars Rebel X-wing star fighter was on display and other incredible ‘happenings’ have occurred every year since.

Huge happenings go on that make the typical tailgate party pale.       The street becomes so packed it’s hard to walk down it and police are present every year to try to keep some kind of order. (But they’re hardly necessary – the mood is so merry and the ‘Wow’ factor is high.)halloween - jackolantern

And the parties and the incredibly elaborate decorated houses and spooky themes radiate out from there across the City and make you think you’re in Salem at the midnight hour.      But this is Newburyport.

For those who have just found out who are outside of the City what you’ve been missing all these years, I feel sorry for you.

But now you know.

Which is why at the last city council it became such a hot debate on changing the meeting from Monday night to the next night.       Those councilors in the know will be stewing in their seats while the festivities rage.

You can never tell.    They might not get a quorum due to sudden ‘sicknesses’ and ‘scheduling conflicts’!

Halloween - Happy





-P. Preservationist

PS. It may surprise those who live here that Newburyport is considered one of the most haunted places in all of New England.     We often forget that we have ‘Old Hill Burying Ground’ – which looks like a classic scary cemetery and Oak Hill Cemetery. (I pride myself in not being superstitious and afraid of the dark but you will NEVER see me alone in either place after dark.( Unless I have Ghlee Woodworth with me running one of her night tours!)  We also have 2,750 historical homes and an ancient seaport with the ghosts of pirates, privateers, shipwreck victims, smugglers, rum-runners and ruffians.)     More than enough historic ‘ghosts’ to go around.

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  1. Ari Herzog says:

    The festivities will also occur in the council chamber — for some of us may wear something a little different in honor of the night. Especially those of us who voted to change the night.

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