Sorry for the tardiness

Tonight the City Council as a whole are going to be presented a song and dance number by a consultant.      That’s scary enough but just realize, the devil is in the details and little things like undergrounding, maintenance and future comments like, “Hey, I thought this was going to save us money!?!”

So, it is important that everyone can study the details of the consultant’s report.       (It’s called the Woodbury Proposal)    You’ll need Adobe Reader.

Check it out.

Hey, I know I’m late but I am one man.

We need more historic preservationists (NPT, 225+, Custom House, 500+ & the Historical Society, 800+) to get this stuff out sooner!

-P. Preservationist

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3 Responses to Sorry for the tardiness

  1. Tom Smith says:

    Check out the math in Table 1 (page 5). Usually I get to stuff like that and move on to the next proposal, but I did go to Appendix C to see the derivation of costs, where there weren’t any, 🙂

  2. Jack Santos says:

    Are we talking about the city that hasn’t repaired blinking traffic lights and cross walk buttons for YEARS? Even though they are clear safety hazards? Now street lights? Am I missing something?

  3. George Woodbury is amazing. I didn’t make it to this meeting, but I went to the one before it. It’s an absolute win-win for the city. And it’s almost impossible to understand from the report. Mary

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