I’m Agin’ it

I am definitely trying to gauge the mood of the citizens in Newburyport and I am sensing a feeling of being ‘Agin it’ out there.       

Having a neighbor screaming that a clipper ship, the very symbol of our City, is hideous, makes me wonder why these people live in Newburyport.       Reminds me of the ‘Airport Abutter Crowd’.     You know, people who move into a house knowing full well that its near an airport.        And of course, if the airport decides to build something or expand or do something differently, they’re out there screaming about the noise.low-flying-airbus-a340-ima2

Rawson Hill Water TowerThe Rawson Hill Water Tower is ugly.

And unfortunately it can be seen for miles – like the end of a No. 2 pencil, it just sticks up there.      It also has been up there for a very long time.    And the Water Department wanted to mitigate it somewhat by putting a clipper ship on it.

So, I have a few questions.      

When did these neighbors move in?   Did they not know there was this ugly water tower there?

Did they not know that Newburyport is known as Clipper City?       That we are a regional heritage tourism center?     

Now there is an attempt to turn an ugly thing into a city-boosting tool…and they are upset.

I worry that if this stuck-in-the-mud attitude spreads, we’ll have hordes of citizens with the reasoning of a fearful mob, screaming, “I’m agin’ it”.     There was an attempt a few years ago  to put a Rev. George Whitfield Statue in Atwood Park.     This man who set the stage for the birth of America – the effort defeated by a few self-serving neighbors who cared more about their ‘view’ than the benefit of the City.    We’ve had homeowners screaming at the bike lanes on High Street because they ‘lost’ their favorite parking spaces.     We’ve had neighbors who care more about having a place to dump their grass clippings and yard waste more who are dead set against the Clipper City Rail Trail extension.       

How long will the enrichment and preservation of Newburyport be held hostage by self-centered neighbors?

-P. Preservationist

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