Something Missing?

The Daily News has a long history of dancing around the Newburyport Historic District.      In today’s article, they almost broke their back trying not to mention it.       Instead, it was the ‘Downtown’, it’s the ‘location’, it’s the ‘antique’ building, it was the ‘demographics’ of the buyers, etc.

It is an established fact, well documented by the paper of record that Newburyport is bucking the trend of all the communities around the region.      Property values are solid and slowly going up. (Precipitous valuations would wreck our City.)   Our tax rate is the lowest in the region. (In a City considered pricy, it’s a powerful draw.)

But they refuse to consider that it is our historic district that makes the whole thing work.

Amesbury has a very pretty downtown complete with a selection of restaurants and shops.      If location was everything, why is this phenomena not being repeated there?       If it’s the water views, why are homes on Main Street in Amesbury being foreclosed. (Main Street runs along one of the most beautiful stretches of the Merrimack.)    If a complete house is what is the ‘hot’ ticket, why isn’t Suburbia THEE place to be?    

Why are devaluations of real estate becoming so precipitous elsewhere?      People want to live in beautiful surroundings.   Being near a mall or shopping center with fast-food restaurants and modern conveniences isn’t cutting it anymore.     

Can you imagine entire neighborhoods of authentic, drop-dead, historic architecture surrounded by age-old trees and a walkable community?      Can you imagine the incredible combination of safe-streets, beautiful ecological views and unique shops, unique buildings and a unique community?     I imagine a place called Newburyport.

Salem?    Too ugly and too congested.     Cambridge?     Beautiful but too congested and too expensive.     Portsmouth is the closest to us but too far North from Boston but they can’t match our walk ability, they are too stretched out.    Amesbury?    Gloucester?  Marblehead?   Rockport?  Swampscott?   Beautiful downtowns but walk outside the business districts and the streets look like America, USA.     

No, Newburyport has a beautiful downtown but it has an entire historic district that supports living in a beautiful place 24/7.      I am perfectly justified in saying, we are the best place to live because we are an entire package deal.

Well-worth the money!

-P. Preservationist

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