A Voice of Reason in the Wilderness of Public Debate

Politics is the realm of the possible.     Common Sense, Decency, Facts, Reason, Rationalism, Realism and Science have a tough time existing in that environment.

It is often one of the deepest misconceptions by ordinary Americans that our local & national politics will produce great leaders.      History reveals that crisis and time makes the fallible into great leaders.      Franklin Roosevelt was a romping playboy until he was confronted with the Great Depression, Global fascism and War.    Ulysses S. Grant was a failed shoe salesman until the Civil War came along.    Often, it is crisis that presses out the greatness in people.

As for the behavior and character of man, we find out that delving too deeply into our leaders lives can produce unpleasant information.    But, as Benjamin Franklin says in the Broadway Play 1776, “Don’t worry, John[Adams], the history books will clean it up.”

So, in that light I deeply respect those who cry out in the wilderness resisting the conniving, the stupidity and the populist sentiment.   They have the nerve to actually promote common sense, decency, facts, reason and realism.     

It is refreshing.   

It is a lonely affair for them but well worth it for the rest of us.      Out in Greater Newburyport are a great number of people who sincerely want to know what is really going on.     They want enough information so they can feel confident in making political decisions.    In fact, our very Republic is based on that assumption of an informed public.      

Who can they listen to who will give them the facts?

Chip Wyser is one of them.    When he speaks in town, listen!    Jim Roy is another fine example.      Councilor Tom Jones is presently our most public example.

All of them [Yes, there are more in our little city] have a unique ability to strip away the fluff and ulterior motives and to make the truth come out, however unpleasant, however against popular sentiment.     Unfortunately, the improved media of the 21st Century has only amplified the cry, “How can we fool them enough that they will choose our ‘side’?”

Will someone at least listen to them and make informed decisions based on what they reveal?

-P. Preservationist

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