The Wind Energy Siting Bill & the Environment

Some who would like to research the bill itself have indicated that they are having difficulty locating Senate Bill No. 02245.        I have downloaded the bill as amended for voting on February 4th.         You can jump to the actual document here.
I consider the proliferation of "Giant" wind turbines in our area harmful to our environment and endangering our eco- and heritage tourism.
As Representative Costello said yesterday at the Parker River Clean Water Association’s annual meeting, the environment is of vital interest to the constituents of his district which comprises Amesbury, Newburyport and Salisbury.
Indeed it does!       Not only is the protection of the environment crucial for us to have clean air and water but we live off the ‘bread and butter’ of its virtues.      Our property values and tax base and our very quality of life is based on reaping financial and community benefits from it.
That is why it still amazes me that we have a sizeable minority in our combined communities that consider preservation of our environment as absolutely no value.     Who cares if deer and fox and small forest creatures can be sustained by our wildlife corridors?    Who cares if agricultural lands and forests are preserved?      This minority sees no benefit in it.      Happier they are still if a sea of pavement stretches to our borders.       They care about their businesses and children and families – what do these abstract concepts of ‘animals’ and ‘habitats’, migrating birds and watersheds have to do with them?   
They fail to understand that after taking care of themselves and their future posterity, they will deliver a bleak and dreary place – their grown children will want to leave, their businesses will fail as visitors seek more pleasant places to shop and their very homesteads will begin to lose value.       Water rates will skyrocket as watersheds are eaten up and floods will decimate our properties.       Community ‘funk’ will rise endangering the quality of our housing and quality of life itself will be smothered.
Fortunately, they ARE a minority but it’s up to the rest of us to work to educate this indifferent group and to ourselves speak up for animals and nature that cannot speak out themselves.
That’s why we work to protect.     It’s for everyone’s benefit even if some can’t always understand why we make the effort.
-P. Preservationist
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