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God is finally gracious – Winter Festival is on!

What a perfect day tomorrow, 34 degrees (for comfort), grounds blanketed by snow and the ice firm and safe.   I expect lots of perfect pictures taken by local photographers.    It’s going to be sunny too!   -P. Preservationist

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Political Drama Unfolds

  Right now as The Current, the Daily News and the Town Common are preparing to sit back and take a long-deserved snooze after all the excitement from the Brown-Coakley vote, forces are furiously working to destroy the very character … Continue reading

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The Reason!

Okay, I held my tongue!   According to Ed Cameron,   "Since all pending matters at the end of the session essentially ‘die’ per the Council’s rules, these matters were resubmitted in the new session at our first meeting on … Continue reading

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Touting Myths about Local Historic Districts

“Historic designation will reduce my property values.”   Just this last week I heard this myth touted by a local architect.   Joseph Goebbels was a great propagandist for the Nazis.     As much as they failed militarily, they still had … Continue reading

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Very Confusing – Wind Energy Ordinance Changes

Emily McCourt from the Planning Office has just made the following announcement:   "The Council actually withdrew the proposed amendments to the Wind Energy Conversion Facility Ordinance, so the Planning Board WILL NOT discuss this item tomorrow evening as originally … Continue reading

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Clipper City Rail Trail is underwater!

Newburyport Today (No, the blog, not that it’s today.) reported an update on the Clipper City Rail Trail.   I was walking from Portmedia toward downtown last week and saw them.       You couldn’t avoid seeing them, glistening with metallic scales!      I … Continue reading

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Joseph Goebbels would be proud!

Talk about disconnnect.   Until today, I have been proud of the Daily News.       Their coverage on the Brown-Coakley Race has been very even-handed.     They have fairly peppered the editorial page with opinions from both sides.       It’s been very edifying. … Continue reading

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Do not get distracted!

I realize that Tuesday is making local politics pale but after all the hoopla on Tuesday night, everyone needs to refocus on the joint meeting of the city council and the planning board on Wednesday night!     I mean, for Pete Sake, … Continue reading

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The Scott Heard Round the World

What is it with ‘The Curse’?   Here we have the Nation watching breathlessly over this election on Tuesday.         Scott Brown’s Father is here in Newburyport.     Scott grew up partially around here.   Do you think journalists would be swarming … Continue reading

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The Little Mystery House

It is so easy to overlook historically significant homes in Newburyport what with so many large mansions even down side streets.      But often the ‘tiny’ home has earthshaking significance such as the tiny home on Prospect Street that was the … Continue reading

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