Wind Turbines & Landflls – Unpleasant Distractions

My primary interest is in preserving the treasure we have here in Newburyport.       That means focusing my attention on the ecology of our area which is unparalleled.     Ocean landscape, bay landscape, the Merrimack River Estuary, the Great Marsh and Newburyport’s largely very own, Common Pasture.       It also means focusing on our historic buildings and neighborhoods and our beautiful downtown.         It’s an unbeatable combination.
Yet, there are constant attacks on this perfect combination.   
The Landfill was a disaster from the very start – a way to save money some said, to have a private owner cap it.       We’ve seen what terrible affront it has been to our environment and will be in the future and a severe blow to the quality of life for a sector of our city.          Those who objected were simply swept aside or disregarded.    Consultants and "experts" gave us soothing stories and bewildering statistics.     
I don’t have to go on what happened.
Now we have the "Giant" wind turbines.     Again, threatening our quality of life and our environment.     And again those who object are swept aside and disregarded.    Consultants and "experts" give us soothing stories and bewildering statistics.        
Can you imagine the impact when twenty-two (22) are allowed to be built with some as high as 400 feet?       The cost to our environment and to the quality of life will not be able to be measured but we will see it and feel it around us.       And only when the migrating birds are affected, the wildlife is affected, our heritage tourism affected and our peace destroyed will we just begin to understand what we have lost.
-P. Preservationist
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