“Ugly Truck” used as a weapon!

I have to tip my hat to Attorney Ronald Sullivan for finding a way to put a stop to an afront to the residents of Newburport.
But some may say I make out the Dark Side as being too menacing a force in the city but I say, "Watch Out!"
The Dark Side use intimidation, shear audacity, threats, and if that doesn’t work, suing to help spread their "in your face" policies.        
If you don’t like what they are doing, move out!     If you speak against them, shut up!
And they are very skilled at using the law to get their way.       
At the very worst, you may be facing an ugly truck outside your house!
I still can’t believe that Arthur Page Insurance would be a party to such advertising.     Isn’t advertising suppose to improve your image in the community?
At the very time the city is putting its money into aesthetic actions to boost business, increase property values and secure tax rolls, we all have to put up with "tone deaf" individuals who just don’t get it that the appearance of our historic district is money in the bank.
It’s this type of person that demands that a local historic district be instituted to protect our city.    
-P. Preservationist
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