Politics is naturally slippery – i.e. Wind Turbines

One mistake too often taken in politics is to lay too much trust in a particular leader’s lap.        We often rely on their judgement to make things right but alas, it is never that simple.
The challenge for every politician is to accurately judge the majority of the body politick and take actions to fulfill their wishes.
It sounds simple but this is where it gets slippery.        Let’s take for example, West Newbury, where they have town hall meetings.    Everyone in the community is supposed to show up.      But let’s say there is a hot button issue.       Is the majority that show up expressing a particular view of the true majority or a highly motivated minority that are effective and organized enough that they all show up making it ‘look’ like they are the majority?     
It gets worse in the City of Newburyport when public hearings are fielded.       Admittedly, the vast majority of citizens don’t show up.      It’s a fact of daily municipal life.      So, even worse, politicians must judge – did all those that showed up a minority view or did the public hearing actually represent the majority?
A good example was the bike lanes on High Street.     A whole series of meetings were held for input and based on that input, decisions were made.      But when the lanes were installed, the High Street residents turned out to be the last to be informed. (Not that they cared until their favorite parking spot was taken away.)     Then all hell broke loose.
So, here we go again on Wind Turbines.      One side motivated by a firm belief in global warming is going to push for lots of large wind turbines so we can ‘save’ the planet and have alternative energy sources that reduce our carbon footprint.    They believe firmly that little Newburyport is going to change the planet, stop the rising oceans and the melting of the glacial ice cap.      Any opposition is simply NIMBY and should be disregarded.       
Are these people in the majority?      That is the question.
The other side is very thankful that Richey Woodworking put the turbine where he did because it has caused affected abutters, businesses in the industrial park, city councilors, conservationists and historic preservationists to find out how insignificant the affect of these Large Wind Turbines for stopping global warming and how detrimental to the immediate environment these structures have and will become.       
Are these people in the majority?     A good question.
The Mayor has recognized the serious affect of the Wind Turbine.     Th City Council and the Mayor now have to decide.      Will we see Newburyport like this?
Or, will common sense prevail and the city works on improved home energy saving measures, geo-thermal, small wind turbines and solar power while preserving our beautiful natural environment for wildlife, eco-tourism and heritage tourism.
We know what the Governor wants.      What do Newburyporter’s want?
-P. Preservationist
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